Founded by John Boy Watts, John Boy Entertainment was created to display the diverse portfolio of brands that will give audiences enjoyment and laughter through education, connection, communication and entertainment. Reaching millions around the world.
Our brands consist of the following:
Rollin’ ‘80s
Rollin’ ‘80s and its keystone event, the Rollin’ ‘80s Ball, was born from a dream of bringing together eighties stars, former drug dealers and the communities they affected in an evening of forgiveness, respect and gratitude for one another. For John Boy Watts it started back in the early nineties when he wrote and published his first book. In it he shared his story of how the eighties changed his life – from being a poor kid living in a two bedroom, roach infested apartment with his parents and seven siblings in South Central to becoming a young multi-millionaire in nine months. Thirty-five years later, John Boy realized the affect that the crack epidemic played in his community and the harm it caused many African American people and families. Now he feels it’s time to recognize the pain that was inflicted, to repent and ask forgiveness.
Boss Lady and Diva Awards
The Boss Lady & Diva Awards recognize the everyday women who work hard and often have their contributions to society overlooked. John Boy believes every woman in the world is a Boss Lady or a Diva in their own right. Having four daughters of his own, John Boy Watts quickly discovered the true worth and value of women in American Society and strives to acknowledge and reward them for being uniquely themselves.
The Blunt Heads
This animated creation is made up of a family of original characters derived from the “blunt paper” aesthetic. Five short “teaser” episodes are available now featuring the voice talents of Ice T, Coco Marrow, Mike Epps and Slink Johnson. New episodes coming soon!
ForeverUNI is a unique dating site that offers affordable membership fees and a place where members can feel safe and secure chatting with a potential match. The site also offers “blocking” (for that pesky ex or other undesirable suitors), the ability to make your profile invisible, emergency security features for date night protection and much more!
Smart Kidz Make Smart Choices
After witnessing the marijuana epidemic spreading through inner city elementary and middle schools, John Boy Watts founded the non-profit Smart Kids Don’t Get High Foundation with the funding of family and friends to develop and distribute anti-drug handbooks and curriculums. Smart Kidz Make Smart Choices is the cornerstone of this program and provides important information about the dangers of drug use. Through individual donations Smart Kidz Make Smart Choices handbooks are distributed to public schools throughout Los Angeles County or can be mailed to the buyer for distributing to their school(s) of choice.
Jackpot 16
Jackpot 16 is the table game of the future! Created by John Boy Watts. His longtime friend Bevelett Brown and John agreed to partner in 2003, Jackpot 16 combines black jack, poker, craps and slots into a one-of-a-kind game debuting in casinos soon. And we’re not stopping there – we’re currently talking with private investors about bringing the game online for millions of people worldwide to enjoy!
Ky-Ston Books Publishing
Ky-Ston Books Publishing is a company created by authors, for authors. After writing his first book in the summer of 1995 John Boy Watts knew he wanted to get into the publishing business. He would go on to write 42 books and publish 5 before establishing his own company, Ky-Ston, with the focus of educating readers and offering a way to turn negative life experiences into positive ones.